Tailor-made workshops

Public engagement, how to get started?

Do you want to enrich your scientific meeting or retreat with a program about the societal impact of research? Then Samenweten can lead a short session about how to enter into a conversation with your target group(s) or how to deal with scientific misinformation.

Each workshop is tailor-made. The focus is always that we strive for an open, equal conversation in which there is also room for assumptions and underlying emotions. During the workshops we practice public engagement among ourselves. Samenweten offers training courses in which we practice conversations about controversial topics with the help of actors and role-playing.

Do you want to learn more about tailor-made workshops, please email info@samenweten.nl for an intake. We will make plans together to enrich your event with a suitable, interactive workshop.

Graduate Research Day Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Rotterdam

Donna de Maat: ‘We thought it was a very successful workshop! Everything ran smoothly. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and the organization of the workshop. The participants found the exchange of misconceptions and experiences in break out rooms very useful‘.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science,
TU Delft

Marieke Kootte: ‘We enjoyed the workshop very much. People took some concrete outcomes home and were intrigued by some simple angles that they could use to communicate about science, such as the historical perspective. But also more practical tools [that you shared with us] were appreciated’.