Marketing Management

Marketing Management

School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Everyone is a consumer – that’s an important fact in marketing research. The researchers at the School of Management are committed to making theories and developments in their research more intelligible. They do so by engaging with both stakeholders and the general public, by contributing actively to online magazines and LinkedIn, by media appearances, or by developing educational (and often humorous) vlogs.

This relatively young group of researchers play a central role as regards sharing information about management science. They target entrepreneurs, business leaders and management students, but also the general public, especially if they can teach them something about their role as “consumers”. The group are working, for example, to make marketing science available to as many people as possible in an understandable and useful way.

Support from the Rewarded! Fund will contribute to training the next generation of young researchers in science communication, and will make it possible to enhance the quality of media productions such as vlogs.

RSM Discovery
RSM – How retailers can influence the walking speed of customers
Linkedin – Stefano Puntoni

Stefano Puntoni, professor

Other group members:
Anne Kathrin Klesse, associate professor
Jason Roos, associate professor
Bram van den Bergh, associate professor

Foto van dr. Bram van Bergh die een mini-college in een supermarkt