Samenweten ends on January 1, 2022

Samenweten, the initiative financed by OCW to strengthen the dialogue between society and science, will end on 1 January 2022.

In the past two years, Samenweten has trained hundreds of researchers to start an open and equal discussion with stakeholders and interested parties. Samenweten has stimulated scientists and society to exchange knowledge and create mutual understanding. The workshops provided practical tools for open discussions with focus on the social context, explanations of how science works and room for critical and open questions.

Although there is a lot of enthusiasm for the training courses and the expertise of Samenweten, we have not been able to find national and joint funding for a follow-up after January 1, 2022.

In 2022, some work will be completed and the experiences will be shared with the universities and other stakeholders. The contribution of Samenweten to Enrichment Rewarded! is guaranteed in the program that runs until October 2022. This Samenweten website will be called from the end of January and onwards. All information and functionalities will be maintained.

The Data Literacy project will continue until at least October. Data literacy helps you think about what questions you could ask about research with large data sets and AI. Because asking questions helps to gain more insight and to make careful choices. Keep an eye on this website for more information about Data Literacy.

Samenweten would like to thank all scientists, communication experts and other stakeholders for their valuable contributions to the colorful workshops, inspiring discussions, online interaction and special collaborations. Together with you, we hope to have contributed to the development and appreciation of science communication and public engagement in the Netherlands and beyond.

We wish everyone happy holidays and all the best for 2022.