Measuring impact (NL)

How do you measure the impact of science communication?

i.c.w. Impactlab

What is the effect of your science communication and/or public engagement activities? Are you reaching your intended target audience? And do the activities have the desired effect on them?

Madelijn Strick (UU), Anne Land (UL) and Ward Peeters (UL) are working on an evaluation toolbox for the NWA that can be used to map the impact of science communication. In addition, they provide trainings that help you measure the impact of your SciComm-activities.

If you want to know all the ins and outs about this toolbox, and practice how you can apply it to your science communication or public engagement activities, register for the workshop on February 18th.

Costs for participation are € 90,- per person (scientists part of the Gewaardeerd-program can register free of charge, choose ‘Inschrijven Gewaardeerd!’).

This workshop is currently only available in Dutch
You are welcome to join our Dutch-spoken program or let us know your interested in a specific program in English