Social issues in arts, culture & society

Social-cultural issues in arts, culture & society

Faculty of History, Arts and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam

How do ethnic-racial inequalities and consumption of culture, media, and sport relate to one another? That is the focus of a research group at Erasmus University’s Faculty of History, Arts and Communication. Since back in 2010, they have organised a wide range of activities for science communication and public engagement, for example musical evenings with a scientific twist and contributions at science festivals, but also media training sessions and grassroots workshops for marginalised groups. The researchers also regularly contribute to webinars and policy recommendations, or play an advisory role in media productions.

The target groups involved are varied, including young people with or without a migration background, refugees, arts, culture and media professionals, policymakers, and – last but not least – the general public. Because their research is inextricably linked to societal issues, the researchers view sharing scientific information and making it accessible as one of their core tasks.

They intend using the grant from the Rewarded! Fund to start working on a podcast about inclusion, with a corresponding publicly available illustrated digital handbook.

Nieuwsuur – Wat kun je doen tegen racisme in het voetbal?
EUR – ESHCC involved in design of ‘New Media for Integration’ course for refugees
Julian Schaap – Music Talks

Jacco Van Sterkenburg, associate professor

Other group members:
Amanda Paz Alencar, associate professor
Julian Schaap, assistant professor  
Pauwke Berkens, associate professor

Jacco van Sterkenburg bij uitzending Nieuwsuur Wat kun je doen tegen racisme in het voetbal?, 18-11-2019.
Amanda Paz Alencar bij vergadering European Comission
Julian Schaap bij editie van Music Talks georganiseerd in samenwerking met Pauwke Berkers

Strip over racistische vraagstukken in voetbal
Cartoon door Erwin Suvaal CVIII Ontwerpers