Science communication by means of serious gaming

Science communication by means of serious gaming

Faculty of Social Sciences, Radboud University

Communicating about science through games: the Communication and Media group at the Nijmegen Behavioural Science Institute has already developed a number of activities in this area. Among other things, members of the group have created an app to distribute vlogs, set up a citizen science platform, and developed serious games and other digital tools for training and education. They also write blogs and appear in the media.

The Communication and Media Group is currently developing an adventurous serious game on the theme of sustainability. It addresses climate and environment issues and their influence of human behaviour from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. The group hopes this will increase the impact of science communication and thus also reach children, young adults, specific groups such as homeowners, and later the general public. The group also implements science communication in the teaching programme so as to give students ways of communicating about their research with people outside academia (i.e. the general public).

The group will use the grant from the Rewarded! Fund to finance personnel costs (project coordination) and game development.

Tibor Bosse, hoogleraar

Other group members:
Kirsten Bevelander, gastonderzoeker
Martine Groefsema, onderzoeker en docent
Barbara Müller, assistant professor
Iris van Ooijen, assistant professor
Aart van Stekelenburg, promovendus
Sanne Tamboer, promovendus
Yana van de Sande, promovendus

Afbeelding van een metropool bij zonsondergang
Pixelillustratie van metropool bij zonsondergang | Afbeelding voor ontwikkeling project serious game over duurzaamheid