Science for children

Science for children

Wageningen University and Research, Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group

How do you get children interested in science? The members of Wageningen Young Academy (a platform of young researchers) already do a lot in the field of science communication, for example by giving public lectures, organising debates on such issues as open access, and giving guest lessons at schools. They participate in panel discussions at film festivals and also address their science communication to special target groups, for example with a science lecture series for prison inmates.

The young researchers want to show primary-school pupils the importance of science. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will therefore be invested in developing a series of interactive science books for children aged 6 to 12. The series will be created together with an art student, based on drawings made by pupils themselves, and will then be distributed to the relevant schools. A website will also be constructed where the books will be available online. The website will include scientific facts, videos, and more.

Websites: – Wageningen Young Academy – Wageningen Young Academy – Acitivities
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Diana Machado de Sousa, hoogleraar

Other group members:
Kevin Matson, associate professor
Mehdi Habibi, associate professor
Jessica Duncan, associate professor
Pariya Behrouzi, assistant professor
Sylvia Brugman, assistant professor

Foto © Guy Ackermans. De leden van Wageningen Young Academy geven o.a. gastlessen op scholen