Videogames and digital tools

Videogames and digital tools

Faculty of Social Sciences, Radboud University

How can you use video games and digital tools to promote mental resilience in children and young adults? For a number of years now, this group of researchers at the Nijmegen Behavioural Science Institute have been attractively highlighting their research on video games and digital media and tools. They do this for various different target groups, but especially for children and young people. They utilise a wide range of platforms and activities, such as festivals, workshops, lectures, blogs, interviews and podcasts and, for example, a permanent game at their partner NEMO Science Museum.

Children and young people are involved at an early stage in the research and development process for the various activities. With these activities, the researchers wish to raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of video games as regards psychological health among parents, children, young adults, health professionals, other care providers, teachers, and the general public.

The group will use the grant from the Rewarded! Fund to continue cooperation with their various partners. Together with Monobanda – a foundation that designs projects and installations that explore human interaction and expression in an entertaining and artistic way – they will be releasing the DEEP game, a meditative virtual reality game that you control with your own breathing. With the BSI Schools Network, they organised a network day last year with interactive information stands and a demo area, an event that is definitely worth repeating.

RU – onderzoek in de school
YouTube – Gemhlab

Joanneke Weerdmeester, docent

Other group members:
Nastasia Griffioen, promovendus
Marieke van Rooij, assistant professor
Isabel Granic, hoogleraar

Foto © Nikki Smit. Opening van permanente installatie NEMO Science Museum
Foto © Arend Lobel 2015. Kind tijdens een VR-experience op Cinekid
Foto © Adam Lobel 2015. Kind tijdens een VR-experience op Cinekid
Foto van wetenschapper en deelnemer die samen een game spelen
Foto © Natasia Griffioen. Foto tijdens ScholenNetwerkDag