Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance

Department of Finance, Erasmus University Rotterdam

In 2016, the research group at the Department of Finance developed the free, publicly accessible MOOC on Sustainable Finance. Since then is has worked hard to promote the Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation. In this way, it works with industry on such issues as sustainable finance and climate risks, aiming to inform and inspire the general public regarding these issues.

The Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation brings together partners to pool knowledge and build partnerships for sustainable development. The content of the MOOC inspires students to look beyond shareholder returns and short-term solutions, and provides pointers for developing sustainability strategies. The scientists hope in this way to contribute to a world that is sustainable for everyone, and in which financing can be used as a means to achieve societal goals.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will be used to hire a science communication expert to train PhD students and other researchers in developing science communication activities.

Coursera – Sustainable Finance
RSM – Platform for sustainable value creation
Robeco – Investors should always strive to understand observed performance

Dirk Schoenmaker, professor

Other group members:
Mathijs van Dijk, professor
Steve Kennedy, associate professor

Foto van boek Principles of Sustainable Finance
Foto van publiekslezing Fundamental sustainable investing