Astronomy as a catalyst for enthusiasm for science

Astronomy as a catalyst for enthusiasm for science

Faculty of Science, Radboud University

Stars, planets, and the universe really capture the imagination. Researchers and students at the Astronomy department make good use of that appeal and undertake various initiatives for the general public, involving such things as guest lessons at schools, lectures, and guided tours. These outreach activities are mainly aimed at children and young people at primary and secondary schools, with a view to getting them interested in physics and astronomy, and in science in general.

For example, the team, together with a large number of volunteers, organises the successful Open Stars Viewing Evenings six times a year. The astronomers also appear during the Nijmegen International Four Day Marches and deliver lectures together with the Radboud Astronomy Club.

The team will use the grant from the Rewarded! Fund to continue these activities together with the Radboud University Science Hub and to make their activities for schools more professional. A systematic schools programme is being set up in which several school classes will be invited to Radboud University at the same time for a programme of lectures and workshops on science and astronomy.

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Steven Bloemen, projectmanager

Other group members:
Marijke Haverkorn van Rijswijk, hoogleraar
Emma van der Wateren, promovendus
Anastasia Gvozdenko, promovendus
Ashley Chrimes, postdoc
Jwalant Yagnik, master student
Martijn Appeldoorn, master student
Amanda Schut, management support
Merijn Augustus, secretaresse

Wetenschapper educeert kinderen over planeten via grote bal op een tafel
Foto © Dick van Aalst. Kinderen komen bijeen tijdens een educatief publieksevenement over sterrenkunde