Working together for a healthy living environment

Working together for a healthy living environment

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

How do you keep the urban population, which keeps on growing, as healthy as possible? Our health is to a large extent determined by environmental factors, and developing and maintaining a healthy living environment is therefore crucially important. People need to become aware of this and to help find ways to improve lifestyles and create healthier living environments.

Through the “Utrecht Exposome Hub”, this team thinks along with other scientists from different disciplines about issues in this new and promising research area. It has taken on the task of surveying the impact of environmental factors and then developing programmes for specific groups or individuals, namely the general public, civil-society organisations, students, researchers, policymakers, and professionals.

To raise the profile of the research, a communication strategy was developed in cooperation with the university’s communication department. On that basis, activities and narratives are created that are shared via both the group’s own channels and external channels. Examples include the “Healthy Urban Living” webinars, contributions to BNR News radio, publications in the press, a video, and a MOOC.

Utrecht Exposome Hub
YouTube – Data- en Kennishub Gezond Stedelijk Leven
UU – Longread: Decoding the exposome

Roel Vermeulen, hoogleraar

Other group members:
Erik Tielemans, kwartiermaker
Virissa Lenters, assistant professor
Jelle Vlaanderen, assistant professor

Foto © Bas Niemans. Roel Vermeulen poseert voor een auto voor het Air View project (auto waarmee de luchtkwaliteit wordt gemeten)