Making Knowledge Together

Making Knowledge Together

Radboud University Medical Centre

How do you get people with a mild intellectual disability more in touch with science? Such people currently have insufficient access to information derived from scientific research and participate to only a small extent in citizen science. That’s why they are being directly involved in development of the Samen kennis maken science communication platform. The platform – whose Dutch name means both Making Knowledge Together and Getting to Know One Another – makes science accessible to this target group, those who assist them, and care professionals. The initiative stems from cooperation with the academic workshop Stronger on Your Own Feet.

The online platform provides a venue for discussion of all sorts of fields of science and practical applications based on the experience and perspectives of people with a mild intellectual disability. The content and audio-visual resources are being developed with communication professionals, researchers, and a designer and software developer. The platform is edited by people with a mild intellectual disability.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will be used to consolidate and develop the platform and to deploy and support PhD students and other researchers, co-researchers, and those who have become experts through personal experience. Part of the budget will also be spent on communication materials for the Making Knowledge Together/Getting to Know One Another platform.

Sterker op
Sterker op eigenbenen – Makkelijk lezen
Youtubekanaal – Sterker op eigen benen

Kris (Kirsten) Bevelander, senior onderzoeker

Other group members:
Anneke van der Cruijsen, co-onderzoeker
Julia van Calis, promovendus
Geraline Leusink, hoogleraar
Masha Nägele, promovendus
Fleur Boot, arts en onderzoeker
Jenneken Naaldenberg, senior onderzoeker
Kim Nijhof, promovendus
Marian Breuer, promovendus
Anne Boonman, promovendus
Milou van den Bemd, promovendus

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