Samenweten is involved in the implementation of Science communication by scientists: Rewarded!, carried out by  the KNAW. The core activities of Samenweten are to train researchers in public engagement and to stimulate networking and the exchange of expertise in the field of public engagement. Therefore, Samenweten organizes tailor-made workshops, especially for researchers who have been granted an award of Rewarded! The Samenweten website also forms a platform for displaying all Rewarded! projects for the inspiration of others.

Pilot Fund

The Pilot Fund Rewarded! is aimed at recognizing and appreciating scientists who make structural efforts for science communication. This emphasizes that involving public groups in scientific research should be part of an academic package of tasks. Over 90 research groups received a contribution of 10,000 € for new activities in the field of science communication, based on their achievements.

The pilot fund, implemented by the KNAW, was made possible by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


With the enrichment program Rewarded! the sum of all grants from the pilot fund will be greater than the more than ninety special projects that have already arisen from it. The aim is to share knowledge and experiences about science communication and public engagement. What works and what doesn’t, how do you reach your target group, what obstacles do you encounter, how do you involve colleagues in your enthusiasm for public engagement, and so on?

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge is a permanent part of the workshops that Samenweten offers to researchers with an Rewarded! award. In addition, participants are offered new insights, for example about citizen science, creating podcasts, storytelling and measuring impact.


To make the exchange of expertise more sustainable, we are building a network via the Samenweten website, where scientists can find each other for information and inspiration about science communication and public engagement.

Impact research

What do scientists at different levels need in their working environment to be able to take science communication seriously? In the coming year, researchers Sem Barendse and Willemine Willems, led by Dr. Frank Kupper (Athena Institute, VU), together with the Rewarded! groups, will examine questions and dilemmas faced by scientists within universities, when they want to engage in science communication activities during or outside working hours.

In addition, Dr Madelijn Strick (UU), Dr Anne Land (UL) and Dr Ward Peeters (UL) offer researchers tools to measure the impact of their science communication activities.

Policy advice

The end result of ‘Enrichment Rewarded!’ is, after a closing meeting in the KNAW Trippenhuis, a substantiated guideline for universities, research institutes and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on facilitating and valuing scientists who work on science communication.

Enrichment Rewarded! is carried out by the KNAW in close collaboration with Samenweten, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.