Religious studies in secondary education

Religious studies in secondary education

Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University

Misunderstanding and disrespect between groups with different philosophical backgrounds is increasing. Education is one of the most important means of counteracting this polarisation within society. Religious studies scholars at Leiden University apply their knowledge of religions for curriculum development, teaching methodology, and teaching methods for secondary school teachers of religion/philosophy, secondary-school pupils, and the staff of teacher training programmes at colleges and universities.

No particular religion is the focus of their activities, but a lot of attention is paid to Islam and public debate regarding that religion, partly because it is a topical issue but mainly because teachers indicate a need for it. The various activities include study days for teachers, guest lectures at secondary schools (for example “Star Wars and Religion”), publications in the professional journal Narthex (for example the series on “Religious Studies in Classroom Teaching”), contributions to the knowledge base for the programme in religious studies at Dutch universities of applied sciences, and advice for developers of teaching methods.

The input for the “Basic Curriculum in Philosophy and Religion” that is being developed for all secondary-school pupils will be elaborated in the form of an “Inspiration Book” for teachers and schools, to be published together with the Basic Curriculum. The team hope that the grant from the Rewarded! Fund will make it possible to distribute the Inspiration Book free of charge to teachers and staff of teacher training programmes.

Universiteit Leiden – Leidse visie voor het religieonderwijs
Academia – Star Wars in het religieonderwijs

Markus Davidsen, universitair docent

Other group members:
Maurits Berger, hoogleraar
Michaël van der Meer, vakdidacticus
Kim Beerden, universitair docent

Kringgesprek tussen docenten en wetenschappers
Foto © Farah Nikijuluw. Leidse religiewetenschappers zetten religiewetenschappelijke kennis in ten behoeve van docenten godsdienst/levensbeschouwing en docentenopleiders hbo/pabo
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Foto © Farah Nikijuluw