Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University

The research group associated with [Organisational] at Utrecht University’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences has been constructively engaging with organisations for many years now with a view to finding better answers to questions regarding integrity and diversity. Their research often involves a combination of data collection and knowledge-sharing, for example by performing an experiment or demonstration together with participants at an event.

Knowledge-sharing takes place through long-term partnerships with organisations and networks such as Diversiteit in Bedrijf [Diversity at Work], VIDE (the professional association of supervisors), and MVO Nederland (the movement for “new economy” entrepreneurs). As well as other ways of making scientific research applicable for organisations, the Netherlands Inclusiveness Monitor (NIM) has been developed. This initiative by researchers and organisations aims to discover better solutions to diversity issues by sharing scientific insights. The researchers also share scientific insights with a broad public by means of information clips, animations, fact sheets, demonstrations, public lectures, and media appearances.

What makes these research activities so innovative is their use of interactive techniques, in consultation with target groups, for generating new knowledge that is relevant for tackling particular problems. This leads to insights that are relevant and topical and are actually utilised in practice. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will make it possible to continue development of current research projects.

Nederlandse Inclusiviteitsmonitor
Instituut GAK – Over de onzin van anti-biastraingingsprogramma’s

Madelijn Strick, universitair hoofddocent

Other group members:
Naomi Ellemers, hoogleraar
Jojanneke van der Toorn, bijzonder hoogleraar
Félice van Nunspeet, universitair docent
Wiebren Jansen, universitair docent
Elianne van Steenbergen, bijzonder hoogleraar
Daan Scheeperst, hoogleraar
Melissa Vink, postdoc
Tatiana Chopova, promovendus
Tessa Coffeng, promovendus
Inga Rösler, promovendus
Esmee Veenstra, promovendus
Onur Sahin, promovendus
Miriam Wickham, promovendus
Piet Groot, promovendus
Jeanette van der Lee, promovendus
Elena Bacchini, promovendus
Eva Grosfeld, promovendus
Loet van Stekelburg, promovendus

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