This is mechanical engineering too!

This is mechanical engineering too!

Mechanical Maritime, Delft University of Technology

When people think of mechanical engineering they often think of factories, rollercoasters, and big machines or equipment. However, the researchers at the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) at Delft University of Technology are committed to introducing biomechanics to the general public. Biomechanical engineers develop medical devices, calculate athletes’ movements, and design innovative bone implants.

The group of researchers who have received a grant from the Appreciated! Fund give public lectures, upload online videos, take part in events, and contribute to non-scientific journals. In this way, they enthuse a broad public for mechanical engineering. They report that their communication work reinforces scientific research and teaching, an approach that benefits society as a whole.

They also strive to pass on their enthusiasm to their colleagues. By setting up a feedback committee by and for researchers, they hope to inspire and support colleagues to share more research results with society in general. They are hopeful that the appreciation and financial boost from the fund will help in this.

Eline van der Kruk, assistant professor

Other group members:
Ingmar van Hengel, promovendus
Sebastien Callens, promovendus
Jinne Geelen, promovendus
Bart van Trigt, promovendus