Oncology, neurology, cancer biomarkers

Oncology, neurology, cancer biomarkers

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University

Did you know that your digestive system is nowadays sometimes referred to as your “second brain”? By no means everything is yet known about how malfunctions in that second brain can lead to digestion problems or even bowel cancer. That’s why researchers at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University are investigating the link between our digestive system and different types of cancer. The research group finds it important to share knowledge about cancer, brain diseases, and biomarkers with a wider audience and they therefore communicate about their field in various ways, ranging from Instagram to newspapers, and from podcasts to Arabic-oriented science pages.

Their science communication activities have been very varied, including participating in various science events, sponsor meetings, and festivals to communicate with the general public about science. At their own initiative, PhD students from the group set up multiple social media channels this year. Other researchers have given a number of public lectures as a result of winning the Klokhuis science prize with their study “Brains in your Belly”.

The research group intend using the grant from the Rewarded! Fund to develop popular science communication even further. Specific ideas for training sessions include workshops on “writing opinion pieces”, “speaking about controversial topics (such as animal testing)”, and “first aid for interviews with a journalist”.

Secret Diary of Women in Science
Kankeronderzoekfonds Limburg
Winnaar Klokhuis-wetenschapsprijs

Veerle Melotte, universitair hoofddocent

Other group members:
Manon van Engeland, professor, directeur GROW
Kim Smits, assistent professor
Simone Schonkeren, promovendus
Maartje Massen, promovendus
Kim Lommen, promovendus
Musa Idris, promovendus
Nathalie Vaes, promovendus
Werend Boesmans, universitair hoofddocent

Foto van een wetenschapsmarkt
Boven: wetenschapsmarkt tijdens een evenement van het Kanker Onderzoeksfonds Limburg
PhD-student Simone Schonkeren bakte ingewanden toen Maastricht Young Academy haar uitdaagde om haar onderzoek te verbeelden in een bakwerk.