Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University

Team members at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences are well aware that science can sometimes seem like magical “abracadabra” to the uninitiated. Perhaps that’s why they wryly refer to themselves as “science wizards” in their own MERLN Magic magazine. They therefore organise various activities aimed at getting the general public involved in science, especially regenerative medicine and general biology.

The research group engage primary- and secondary-school pupils through micro-internships, mini-internships, and secondary-school lessons. They are also working to organise a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) day, during which primary-school pupils have to solve a criminal case, thus playfully learning about cell biology. The general public is addressed through TV, radio, newspapers, Twitter, the team’s own magazine, and public lectures. The team also organises open panel discussions with stakeholders (patients and their relatives, patient organisations) to explain and discuss medical procedures and gain insight into people’s current knowledge of specific medical topics.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will help the team organise more and new interactive school events and public lectures. It will provide support for intensifying contact with patients and patient organisations.

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Dennie Hebels, projectleider

Other group members:
Elizabeth Rosado Balmayor, asisstant professor
Matt Baker, assistant professor
Timo Rademakers, post doc en lab manager
Niloofar Tahmasebi, post doc
Gözde Sahin, promovendus
Fiona Passanha, promovendus
Nadia Roumans, technicus
Eva Gubbins, technicus
Taco Blokhuis, universitair hoofddocent chirurgie, traumachirurg
Sabine Langie, assistant professor

MERLN onderzoekers geven een presentatie
Foto © Lotte Donders. MERLN onderzoekers tijdens een van hun outreach-activiteiten