Marvelous Mind

Marvelous Mind

Medical Sciences/UMCG, University of Groningen

The brain is a fascinating organ – the professors, university lecturers, PhD candidates, students and staff members at the University of Groningen and the University Medical Centre (UMCG) who make up Marvelous Mind would certainly agree. Through film evenings, podcasts, and public information sessions, they aim to inform and enthuse students, schoolchildren, patients, and informal carers about the role the brain plays in human behaviour and personal characteristics.

During Marvelous Mind Movies, for instance, films are introduced by Groningen brain researchers on the basis of their expertise (for example memory, language, sex, psychedelics, or AI). After the film, they take questions from the audience. In a six-part series – the Bovenverdieping [Upstairs in Your Head] podcast – podcast producer Jelte Posthumus talks to UMCG brain researchers about their fascination and expertise in similar interesting subjects. Researchers and students associated with Marvelous Mind have also contributed to various public engagement activities, including Kennis-is-Koning, Zpanned Zernike,and Nacht van Kunst en Wetenschap. A “children’s university” was organised, at which primary-school pupils (grades 7 and 8) were introduced to science and to experimentation.

The Marvelous Mind researchers’ will use the grant from the Rewarded! Fund for new planned activities, such as an anatomy lesson at the University Museum, a psychiatry walk, an information dinner, and publication of a brain-trivia tear-off calendar.

RUG – Marvelous mind agenda
RUG – ‘De Bovenverdieping’ – zesdelige podcast-serie

Marie-José van Tol, universitair docent

Other group members:
Iris Sommer, hoogleraar
Saar Lagerweij, student
Isabel Janmaat, student
Sander Martens, universitair docent
Robert Schoevers, hoogleraar, afdelingshoofd
Janniko Georgiadis, sectiehoofd