Lecture series on human rights

Lecture series on human rights

Faculty of Law, Maastricht University

Human rights issues worldwide affect us all. They therefore lend themselves well to generating interest among a wide audience. The researchers at the Faculty of Law, comprising senior researchers and PhD students, are all affiliated with the Maastricht Centre for Human Rights. They organise an annual lecture series on human rights.

In cooperation with Maastricht University’s Studium Generale programme, they aim to inform a wide audience about human rights without lapsing into legal or academic jargon. In this way, the research group aims to raise awareness about everyone’s role and rights as a citizen and human being. Besides an introductory lecture, there are four theme-based sessions: on women’s rights; access to essential medicines as a human rights issue; perpetrators and victims of serious, large-scale, systematic human rights violations; and human rights as shared values within the European Union.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will be used to make the results of research accessible to a wide audience in the form of videos and to teach PhD students how to communicate about their research and enter into dialogue with the public about it.

Maastricht University – Studium Generale – Human Rights

Fons Coomans, UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Peace 

Other group members:
Gustavo Arosemena Solorzano, universitair docent
Andrea Broderick, universitair docent
Marieke Hopman, universitair docent
Selja Imamovic, universitair docent
Hanxu Liu, promovendus
Roland Moerland, universitair docent
Flavia Patané, promovendus
Jennifer Sellin, universitair docent
Jana Trifonivic, promovendus
Dorris de Vocht, universitair docent
Lisa Waddington, hoogleraar
Ingrid Westendorp, docent, onderzoeker

Uitsnede van promotiematerial over publiekslezingenserie over mensenrechten
Uitsnede van promotiematerial over publiekslezingenserie over mensenrechten