Regenerative Medicine Knowledge Platform

Regenerative Medicine Knowledge Platform

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells Focus Team, Utrecht University Medical Centre

How can you grow as old as possible in the healthiest way possible? That’s what the Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells Focus Team at Utrecht University Medical Centre are investigating. Their aim is to make developments and issues regarding regenerative medicine understandable by means of interviews, illustrations, animations, and short videos.

The team has set up an online platform where they can provide confidential up-to-date information on various topics in the field for both stakeholders (patients and their families) and other interested parties (students, journalists, the general public). They share reliable current information on the science behind regenerative medicine and show where regenerative therapies can complement standard healthcare. In addition, they chart the current status of basic research, available and experimental treatment, and clinical trials.

Support from the Rewarded! Fund will go towards training the next generation of young researchers in science communication, and makes it possible to enhance the quality of media productions such as vlogs. The team’s aim with these activities is to help patients and the general population make informed decisions about their healthcare, especially in the context of information that is not medically correct (i.e. is false).

Regenerative Medicine Utrecht – Universiteit Utrecht (

Ria Matthijssen, programma manager

Other group members:
Jeffrey Beekman, professor
Paul Coffer, professor
Alessandro Cutilli, promovendus
Moyo Kruijt, orthopedisch chirurg
Linda van Laake, cardioloog
Jos Malda, professor
Roos Masereeuw, professor
Eva van Rooij, professor
Joost Sluijter, professor
Bart Spee, universitair hoofddocent
Marianna Tryfonidou, professor
Marianne Verhaar, professor

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Compilatie van het Weekend van de wetenschap (2019). Thema: Mysterieuze mini-orgaantjes