International Humanitarian Law

International Humanitarian Law

Faculty of Law, Leiden University

International humanitarian law is the law that applies during armed conflict. Researchers in this field disseminate relevant knowledge by communicating research findings widely, providing access to training programmes in international humanitarian law, and contacting various target groups about the results and implications of the research.

The aim is to increase the impact of the research findings: to hold perpetrators of international crimes accountable, and at the same time raise awareness of the protection and assistance provided for victims of armed conflict.

The Leiden researchers have launched a number of initiatives in the field of science communication and education, with research results being published on a dedicated website, via open source digital publications, and via social media. There is also a successful MOOC on “International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice”.

In order to reach a different target group, an art competition has been organised. A research project is underway to investigate how theory is applied in practice in armed conflict situations. The freely accessible database with results of this research has an educational function and is consulted by stakeholders such as the International Red Cross and other humanitarian organisations, military personnel, and training institutes. The database is also used to train students and for refresher training for military personnel.

Kalshoven Gieskesforum – Art Competition
IHL in action
MOOC – International Human Law in Theory and Practice

Robert W. Heinsch, associate professor

Other group members:
Giulia Pinzauti, associate professor
Sofia Poulopoulou, promovendus
Johanna Trittenbach, onderzoeker en docent
Alla Ershova, onderzoeker en docent
Sofia Larriera Saturio, onderzoeker en docent
Sharon Hickey, onderzoeker en docent

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