Keep your mouth fresh and healthy!

Keep your mouth fresh and healthy!

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Amsterdam and VU University

A healthy mouth for everyone! With that in mind, the Prevention and Therapy of Paradontal Disorders research group translate their research into everyday oral care. Together with oral care professionals at home and abroad, they produce general information about oral health, strategies for monitoring it, practical flow charts for applications, and contributions to professional journals. Products developed in the light of the research group’s recommendations are used in daily practice by oral care professionals and patients in the Netherlands and abroad.

The researchers are critical of trends and recommendations originating from social media forums, and they attempt to counter them with scientific information. They are much sought-after speakers at conferences, meetings, and symposia for oral care providers worldwide, where the value of the link between science and its application in the dentist’s chair is fully appreciated. Dentists views the research group as preferred partners for evaluating new products and translating research into day-to-day oral care recommendations.

Dentista – Boeken: WiWi Wit
NVVP – patiëntfolders met inhoudelijke bijdragen onderzoeksgroep

Dagmar Slot, hoogleraar

Other group members:
Fridus van der Weijden, hoogleraar
Eveline van der Sluijs, onderzoeker
Cees Valkenburg, promovendus
Therese Elkerbout, promovendus

Kaft Gouden Boekje WiWi Wit: Het leven van een kindertand (2017)
Een man met een tandenborstel in zijn hand lacht naar de camera
Cover van patientfolder Met een gezond gebit blijf je lachen ontwikkeld in samenwerking met NVVP