Mathematics Centre Maastricht

Mathematics Centre Maastricht,

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Maastricht University

For more than 25 years now, a group of researchers at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering have dedicated themselves to science communication about mathematics. In 2019, their efforts were brought together in the Mathematics Centre Maastricht, and future plans in this field have been stepped up considerably. Among the ways they bring mathematical research to the attention of a wide audience are a maths competition, a city guide, summer courses, and an exhibition.

The centre focuses on research, education and outreach, aiming in this way to enthuse a wide audience for mathematics. It also seeks to ensure greater diversity among those researching mathematics and the hard sciences in general. They set up, for example, “Women of Mathematics”, a travelling exhibition highlighting the role of women in the world of mathematics. Started in 1995, the Mathematical Modelling Competition Maastricht (MMM) is an annual, free-of-charge competition intended to get European schoolchildren excited about mathematical problems.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will make it possible to continue the group’s existing outreach activities and plans in the context of the Mathematics Centre. It will also enable the Centre to continue to creatively enthuse a wide audience for mathematics and mathematical research.

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Women in Math

Frank Thuijsman, full professor

Other group members:
Ralf Peeters, full professor
Kateřina Staňková, associate professor

Foto van boekje wiskundewandeling
Foto van boekje wiskundewandeling Math/Maastricht
Foto van panelen in de Women of Math tentoonstelling
Women of Mathematics tentoonstelling
Foto van professor die wiskundige instructies geeft in een collgezaal
Mathematical Modelling Competition Maastricht