Genetic testing

Genetic testing

Faculty of Medicine, Leiden University Medical Centre

More and more is becoming possible with DNA. What are the benefits and limits of genetic testing, for example, in preventing hereditary diseases and treating them in time? And what do patients, pupils and students, and the general public know about this?

By taking part in major events such as Lowlands, popular TV programmes, and projects such as Meet The Professor, Leiden geneticists aim to promote “DNA dialogue”. This involves clarifying, on a scientific basic, the limits, benefits, and dangers of DNA research, and getting non-medics involved in discussion of its consequences and implications. Blogs, videos, and appearances by the team can be viewed on the channels of a number of different partners, namely Faces of Science, the University of the Netherlands, Science Battle, TEDx, LeveDNA, and Galileo.

Radar – Deugen DNA thuistesten gericht op je gezondheid

Karin van der Tuin, specialist in opleiding

Other group members:
Gijs Santen, klinisch geneticus
Marjolein Kriek, klinisch geneticus
Johan den Dunnen, hoogleraar

Karin van der Tuin bij populair-wetenschappelijke lezing
Foto © Freek den Bergh. Karin van der Tuin bij populair-wetenschappelijke lezing