Physical health for children with cerebral palsy

Physical health for children with cerebral palsy

Faculty of Medicine, Utrecht University

How can you help children and young people with cerebral palsy to grow up in the best possible way? The team within the Rehabilitation Department at Utrecht University Medical Centre (UMCU) translate scientific insights about this disorder and new treatments into understandable terms for parents and healthcare professionals via a freely accessible website.

The focus is on lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Cooperation with parent-patient associations is indispensable. The researchers are in constant dialogue with the target group with a view to improving care and responding to the needs of the target group and of society in general. They pool their knowledge relevant to the target group and apply it in professional practice, including by means of public lectures, guest lessons at primary and secondary schools, blogs, audio-visual productions, and media interviews.

Parents have indicated that there is a great need for practical pointers for children and young people with cerebral palsy. Support from the Rewarded! Fund can help the team meet parents’ wishes, and researchers will develop the various pointers together with children and young people.

CP – Fysieke gezondheid – Slaap

Olaf Verschuren, senior onderzoeker

Other group members:
Jan Willem Gorter, hoogleraar
Marjolijn Ketelaar, associate professor
Jeanine Voorman, arts
Jeroen Dudink, arts

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