Erasmus Institute of Public Knowlegde

Erasmus Institute of Public Knowlegde

School of Social and Behavioral Science, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

The science communication activities of the Erasmus Institute of Public Knowledge (EIPK) are unique in their kind. Operating in an interdisciplinary setting, the team aim to connect important social themes with various relevant target groups. These may be policymakers but also activists or quite simply people with a specific involvement in a theme. In this way, the team actively seek to connect with specific groups of people, also viewing these target groups as a source of knowledge from which researchers can learn something in their turn. The topics concerned can vary from smart cities to global warming or racism.

In addition to this unique research methodology – which integrates public knowledge, public engagement, and science – they organise regular public lectures by researchers and authors. The EIPK also translates its findings back into an academic learning environment; in 2019, it applied the knowledge gained when designing the sociology Master’s degree specialisation in Engaging Public Issues.

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Willem Schinkel, professor

Other group members:
Rogier van Reekum, universitair docent
Jess Bier, universitair docent