The water footprint of our consumer society

The water footprint of our consumer society

Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente

Everyone in the world should be able to access water in a fair and smart way. With that philosophy in mind, researchers at the University of Twente inform and motivate the general public, school pupils, students, professionals, and policymakers. Besides lectures for cultural and conservation associations, for example, and appearances on TV and radio, they are developing study and lesson materials for teachers, school pupils, and companies.

The researchers are working closely with the Water Footprint Network Foundation, with which they are developing interactive tools. Using these “water footprint calculators”, companies, public authorities, NGOs, investors, consultants, researchers, and others can calculate their water footprint, map it, and assess its sustainability. They can also be provided with strategic action plans to improve the sustainability, efficiency, and fairness of their water consumption. These communication activities have an extensive international reach through the channels of the Water Footprint Network.

With the grant from the Rewarded! Fund, the Twente researchers will expand their activities, for example by making their social media channels available, hosting audio-visual productions on their websites, or otherwise increasing the impact of their science communication work.

Waterfootprint – School resources
Waterfootprint – Interactive tools
Waterfootprint – Assessment tool

Rick Hogeboom, assistant professor

Other group members:
Joep Schyns, assistant professor
Lara Wöhler, promovendus
Oleks Mialyk, promovendus

Joep Schyns tijdens zijn presentatie bij FAMELAB 2018 waarin onderzoekers in drie minuten hun onderzoeksverhaal moeten vertellen, met minimale hulpmiddelen
Screenshot van de Water Footprint Assessment tool (link).