The value of mathematics

The value of mathematics

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI), Delft University of Technology

By no means everyone realises that mathematics isn’t “scary”, and that a lot of technical breakthroughs are based on mathematics. The scientists at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at Delft University of Technology are changing that perception. They show the value of mathematics through a podcast, series of interviews, and by sharing information about what mathematics and algorithms can mean for healthcare and industry.

They make use of ProfCast and In Conversation With, a podcast and an interview series in which scientists are interviewed about their expertise, with the individual behind the scientist also being highlighted. The scientists are also committed to helping healthcare and industry professionals understand how mathematics offers possibilities for today’s digital age by making smart use of large-scale calculation models and advanced computer algorithms.

With accessible language and personal commitment, this group of scientists are committed to making mathematics accessible to students, journalists, healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will make it possible to continue developing current projects such as ProfCast and to place the importance and beauty of mathematics on the agenda throughout the Netherlands.

De ProfCast
TU Delft – The Impact of Algorithms
TU Delft – Saving live with Mathematics

Marieke Kootte, PhD-student

Other group members:
Theresia van Essen, assistant professor
Neil Budko, associate professor

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Foto © Jan Douman, NewMediaCentre. Foto tijdens opname De ProfCast, op foto: Koen Bertels, Tijs Ziere, Marieke Kootte
Theresia van Essen over haar wiskundige bijdragen aan aan het HagaZiekenhuis in het HagaScoop-blad