The DNA Dialogue

The DNA Dialogue

Faculty of Clinical Genetics, Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam

Should we tinker with embryo DNA? Researchers within the DNA Dialogue series have been publicly discussing that and other issues since January 2019. The aim of the dialogue is always mutual learning, i.e. exchanging perspectives, being curious, and seeing whether participants can learn from one another.

From community centres to festivals and from hospitals to schools, a wide variety of venues are used for the DNA dialogues; this is apparent from the diversity of participants. Professionals (embryologists, fertility specialists, midwives) as well as schoolchildren and interested parties, but also random passers-by – young and old – are all involved in discussions on adapting embryo DNA. Because the researchers think it’s important “for everyone to be heard and seen”, they utilise low-threshold media when explaining and for the discussions, such as scenario films and smiley cards. They have also developed learning packs for primary and secondary schools. Insights gained from the DNA dialogues provide policymakers with guidelines for future policymaking and are pointers for further communication about genetic modification of embryo DNA.

The grant from Rewarded! will be used to develop and organise more dialogues, including with groups that are difficult to reach. The funds will also be used for communication activities with scientists and students taking the “Genetics in Society” minor.

DNA-Dialoog – lespakket
DNA-Dialoog – publicaties en videos
NEMO Kennislink – In gesprek over DNA in het Sophia Kinderziekenhuis

Diewertje Houtman, onderzoeker

Other group members:
Sam Riedijk, onderzoeker, universitair docent
Boy Vijlbrief, promovendus

kinderen zitten in aan een tafel en stellen vragen aan een wetenschapper
Foto © Levien Willemse. Kids dialoog over het aanpassen van DNA in het Sophia kinderziekenhuis. Een volledig verslag van deze dialoog is te lezen via de volgende link
Foto © Chris Koeverden 2019. Silent Disco MeningenFabriek op het InScience filmfestival. De dialoog vond plaats met koptelefoon, zodat iedereen elkaar goed kon horen zonder, terwijl de sfeer toch geborgen bleef.
Foto © Chris Koeverden 2019. DNApotheek van Citylab
Foto © Chris Koeverden 2019. Kick-off Dialoog: De eerste dialoog vond plaats op 9 oktober 2019 in Huis van de Wijk Post West in Rotterdam