Civic Artificial Intelligence Lab

Civic Artificial Intelligence Lab

Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam

Using artificial intelligence has many advantages, but there are also dangers. Examples are facial recognition systems that focus only on light skin tones or high insurance premiums for postcode areas designated by mathematical models (algorithms) as at high risk for burglary. The new Civic Artificial Intelligence Lab investigates such issues, involving members of society in doing so.

Researchers at the lab explain proactively how algorithms work and how they can be used responsibly. They talk about this on TV, deliver lectures, and give interviews in the national press. Exposure given to the positive features of artificial intelligence has led various parties to actually start working with it, and civil servants are being trained to use it for the residents of their town or city.

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Sennay Ghebreab, universitair hoofddocent

Other group members:
Hinda Haned, hoogleraar
Jacco van Ossenbruggen, groepsleider

Foto in de mediakamer van Universiteit van Nederland. Er zijn veel beeldschermen te zien
Foto van televisiestudio Universiteit van Nederland waar Sennay Ghebreab als spreker aanwezig was