Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Leiden University

What would you like to know about your brain? The team at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences who research brain development in young people are committed to answering all kinds of questions about neuroscience. They do so through a variety of self-created websites, learning packs and dossiers, information films, and entertaining public education events at festivals and museums.

The research group aims in this way to impart knowledge of brain development to young people, the general public and professionals, and to get them enthusiastic about neuroscience and science in general. On the www.kijkinjebrein.nl [Look Inside Your Brain] website, young people can find information about development of the brain and of behaviour. There are also learning packs and information films that primary- and secondary-school teachers can use for an extra-curricular activity. Professionals in working with the young are involved through the updated file on bullying produced by the Netherlands Youth Institute, and the “Growing Brain” workbook. Because the researchers also want to respond to the needs of society in general, they increasingly involve social partners and young people in setting up research projects and in science communication through panel discussions and information sessions.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will enable them to expand their science communication activities, for example by working with young people to create informative and inspiring video clips on brain development. They intend the focus to be on themes relating to young people’s experience at school.

Kijk in je brein
Bold – Video – Brain Training
Breinkennis Leiden
Frontiers of the young mind – Social learning and the brain

Annelinde Vandebroucke, docent, post-doc

Other group members:
Dietsje Jolles, universitair docent
Linda van Leijenhorst, universitair docent
Sabine Peters, universitair docent
Neeltje van den Bedem, post-doc
Berna Güroğlu, hoogleraar
Kiki Zanolie, universitair docent
Iris Koele, AiO

Geillustreerd hersenen spelen een spel op een Ipad
Still uit animatie Brain training: An attractive idea, but not as easy as it seems (2020)
Afbeelding uit artikel Frontiers of the Young Mind Social Learning and the Brain: How Do We Learn From and About Other People? (2020)