On further Consideration…

On Further Consideration…

Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University

“Flight shame”, culturing of embryos, triage in the intensive care ward during the COVID-19 pandemic… These are all socially relevant ethical questions that are dealt with from a philosophical perspective on the Bij Nader Inzien… [On Further Consideration…] website.

Researchers (ranging from Master’s degree students to full professors) from various Dutch and Flemish universities contribute to the website with essays, podcasts, columns, and reviews. The website is intended for students, teachers, journalists, policymakers, and the general public. The media also know how to find this philosophy blog, and the contributions by philosophers have led to their being invited for public events, interviews, or advisory committees. Teachers also make use of articles from the website.

The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will be used to further professionalise the platform, giving it a look that matches its influence and impact. The editors aim to reinforce the platform by adding new functionalities to the website, expanding the range of articles and podcasts, and further enhancing the platform’s familiarity and accessibility via social media and other channels.

Bij Nader Inzien
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Dick Timmer, promovendus

Other group members:
Eveline Groot, promovendus
Willem van der Deijl, universitair docent
Josette Daemen, promovendus
Natascha Rietdijk, promovendus
Matthé Scholten, onderzoeker
Linde Schuppen, promovendus

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