Faculty of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology

Science at the nanometre level – how does that work? How do you communicate about the process underlying nanoscience and its impact? In the AtomicLimits weblog, researchers tell the stories behind the science: How did we arrive at this discovery? What are the trends in the field? How does cooperation work between science and industry? The blogs are shared via social media and now have an international reach.

The stories are supported by a great deal of visual material: animations, images, and film clips. The researchers are thus also building up an image bank with material that can be used by third parties. The weblog also includes databases in the field of nanotechnology that serve as a central information point, with new channels being developed and tapped into via crowdsourcing.

The AtomicLimits researchers aim to continue and expand this range of innovative methods of science communication. More PhD candidates and students will be involved, so that they also learn more about science communication at an early stage. Extracurricular projects will be set up with students in the areas of visualisation of results, analysis of metadata in databases, and setting up crowdsourcing and crowd-creating initiatives. The grant from the Rewarded! Fund will make it possible to achieve these aims.

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Bart Macco, onderzoeker

Other group members:
Erwin Kessels, hoogleraar
Vincent Vandalon, postdoc
Harm Knoops, universitair docent
Adrie Mackus, universitair docent

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