Customized advice

Think up together with Samenweten how you want to reach out to your audience and societal organisations.

How do you involve different groups from society in your research?

Where do you start if you want to involve society with your research? What should you pay attention to? What works and what doesn’t work? Samenweten provides advice on how you can proceed if you want to reach public with your research. Public engagement is customization – always. Together we can come to an excellent and feasible plan, including adequate training.

Do you want to increase the impact of your event?

We offer short instructions Asking Questions for events that are all about the interaction between science and society, so that a lively and inspirational conversation can arise. We can also act as moderator. Interested? Contact us so that we can discuss together how to improve the impact of your event.

Do you want to meet a scientist?

Samenweten helps you find scientists who know how to talk about their research in an accessible way. This way you can ask questions to scientists who are experts on a subject that matches your societal organization. We have an extensive network and are happy to help you.

Public Engagement

What is public engagement?

Public engagement of science entails the countless ways in which researchers and society can exchange knowledge, questions and expertise. Public engagement is by definition a two-way street and can lead to new insights or ideas, new skills, better research, extra ambition or inspiration for all involved.

Public engagement, how to get started?

As we address public engagement, we follow the steps as described in Public Engagement: a Practical Guide from our partner Sense about Science. It starts with determining the social context (scoping). Meaningful public engagement is in line with the societal questions that arise for your target group and requires coordination, creativity and practice.